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Priceline - Festival of Beauty

Priceline Festival of Beauty

Priceline has been a major game player in sponsoring Melbourne Fashion Festival. In 2016 they wanted to take it up a notch to create a strong foundation as market leaders in beauty. Realising this, and that they teamed up with Makeup Director Rae Morris and Hair Director Kenneth Stoddart, we decided to bring backstage glamour to our target audience.

The whole backstage kit and caboodle was brought to front. From Trends Vending Machine to creating the look and feel for makeup kiosks and ‘oh so many’ collaterals, this kept my calendar full for months. But the hard work was all worth it. Priceline has still been using the same idea for the vending machine till today. Even the branding look and feel still remains the same.

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We set up a vending machine providing all the necessary makeup items to get the audience ready for the event. A live DJ, photoshoots and the makeup kiosk added to the glamour. The money went to the Sisterhood Foundation helping women in need. This was a hit raising over $12,000 in the time of the event.

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Anyone who booked a ticket via Priceline website received a gift box. Sweet!

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The event came with its opportunities to design branding, double page spreads, catalogue designs, POS and Tactical 15sec TVCs.

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